• To provide counselling, support and signposting an individual who may be vulnerable to becoming radicalised towards violent extremism.

  • To acknowledge and develop the existing strengths of parents, carers, siblings and friends  to build better resilience in the fight against radicalisation.

  • To empower families with the appropriate awareness, knowledge and skills to maintain their relationship with their loved one who may be at risk of  radicalisation .

  • To provide an open, safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment aimed at  building  a trusting, empathetic and compassionate counsellor/ family relationship .

  • To foster an organisational environment of professionalism, respect, care and cooperation built on a multi-agency approach which is open transparent and responsive to individual needs.


  • To deliver a flexible tailor-made professional service through various mediums such as counselling, signposting and outreach work which incorporates and reflects the diversity and individuality of families and  wider community.

  • To work in collaboration  with other voluntary and statutory organisations to ensure families are able to access all the necessary available support to them.

  • To provide a non-judgemental space where families and individuals feel heard, understood and are able to talk without fear of prejudice, judgement or shame.

  • To support individuals through key life transitions, providing opportunity for social interaction, thus  creating  a sense of belonging, greater acceptance of others for a  more tolerant  future society.







​​​​                                                       Diversity 

            Trust           Empowerment               Resilience 

     Confidentiality            Tolerance               Belonging                                            Compassion                  Acceptance                  Respect                                                                          Empathy                     


Values and Aims:


​​​​​"Supporting and empowering families to combat radicalisation"