​​​​​"Supporting and empowering families to combat radicalisation"

Combating Radicalisation

​​Young people, including those who are  often otherwise well-behaved, high achievers at school, can be drawn towards extremism in similar ways as those who are persuaded to expose themselves to other risks, such as joining gangs and online grooming. Radicalisation happens both online and in person........Read More


Family Support Services

We can help you to make better sense of what’s happening in your life – all you need to do is pick up the phone or email.

​If you have concerns or worries about a son or daughter or a loved one; and are unable  to distinguish the signs and symptoms of possible radicalisation, Families for Life™ is here to help.........Read More 

About Us​​​

About Us

​​Families for Life™ is an independent, non judgemental and confidential counselling and support service specifically aimed at families or friends who have been affected by radicalisation. We work to the BACP  ethical framework for Good Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling.​​
Families for life was set up in 2016 as a result of being personally affected by the impact of  radicalisation............Read more